Cinnamon Rolls Not Gender Roles

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Goldieblox – Finally widely available across the UK and hailed as the most important toy of the decade; move over Cinderella it’s Goldieblox. Alongside her trusty pals Goldie “aims to disrupt the pink aisle and inspire the future generation of female engineers.” These imaginative construction sets tap into girls’ strong verbal skills using storytelling and bolster spatial skills whilst giving girls the tools they need to start inventing. The website is also awesome with a great blog, videos (check out the ground-breaking ad played during the Superbowl half time in the US!) and introductions to all the characters. Goldieblox also has a YouTube channel that you can subscribe too.

Lottie Dolls – Lottie, an ethnically diverse doll based on the real proportions of a 9-year-old girl, is many things; a scientist, a rocker, a pirate, a country gardener, a superhero, a pony rider, a star-gazer or simply a girl who like jumping in muddy puddles. She was developed with the intention of “preserving childhood” and inspired by the need to create a relatable character for girls to play with. Lottie doesn’t wear make-up or jewellery and even comes with suffragette inspired packaging. The website has a wealth of resources for parents and kids including biographies of great women of history, science and maths printables, games and creative activities. This multi-faceted doll will be sure to cater to any girl’s interests and her friend Finn, although still with a limited amount of merchandise is being developed for boys too.

Roominate – A bright and inventive building toy that can incorporate the control of lights, sounds and motors from an app. With these kits you can build anything from a fully functional dolls house to a rocket.

GoGo Sports Dolls – These rag-doll style characters come with a story book about them and their preferred sport from football to swimming or gymnastics. Their “Be fierce and Sparkle” campaign can be followed on #athleteisthenewprincess whilst the website promotes healthy living and exercise.

Makie Dolls – Whilst the dolls themselves can reach beyond your average budget this is toy that can be designed and customized to a startling small detail and then made for you. Having a go on the website is pretty fun even if you don’t end up purchasing and the ‘careers packs’ include a vet, a photographer and an archaeologist.

Lammily – A Barbie-like doll who is instead modelled on the real proportions of an average American 19-year-old. Lamilly was conceived by a crowd-funding project after her creator’s image of what Barbie would look like based on real human proportions went viral. She comes with stick on stretch-marks, freckles, cuts and bruises, grass stains, acne and cellulite! The creators have also just launched a Period-Party pack to help teach and normalize information about getting your period and women’s reproductive health including Lammily’s own sanitary pads and knickers.

I Am Elemental – A range of female action figures with “elemental” powers such as bravery, energy, honesty and persistence.


PinkStinks – A great blog aimed at combatting the prettification of girls toys and marketing; “there’s more than one way to be a girl”.

Let Toys Be Toys – The very successful campaign, that’s still gaining momentum, has a very comprehensive website with good resources for parents and teachers as well as a blog. It also has helpful information about the campaign and tips on approaching retailers and schools about the subject. The campaign is also branching out to approach books as well.

Man vs. Pink – A stay-at-home dad blogs about the raising his fangirl four-year-old and their adventures in the struggle against pinkification.

A Mighty Girl – Minefield favourite A Mighty Girl have an extremely comprehensive catalogue of girl positive toys, books and clothes and it’s well worth your perusal whenever you need ideas. Search functions and collections they’ve curated allow you to browse by age as well as interest and the blog is a great way to learn about other might girls from history as well ad across the globe today.


Clothes Without Limits – A ground-breaking collective of girl positive kids clothing companies, who instead of competing against one another, have banded together to highlight the negative impact that stereotyped clothes can have but also to great positive effect diverse and interesting clothes can have for girls.

Tootsa MacGinty – Colourful, comfortable and completely unisex Tootsa MacGinty are an age-appropriate, practical and affordable kids clothing company, who break boundaries with whimsical design and ethical production.





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