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So we started with me telling you a bit about what galvanised my interest in Feminism and I mentioned the writings of author and journalists such as Laura Bates and Caitlin Moran. Laura Bates founded the Everyday Sexism campaign and wrote the book Girl Up, which I highly recommend despite it technically being not aimed out at our demographic.

I also mentioned the writings of author and expert Dr Peggy Orenstein who wrote ‘Cinderella Ate My Daughter’ and ‘Girls and Sex’. She is a pioneer in the research into gender roles in early years development and the sexual attitudes of girls and young women and her books are very approachable and coherent.

I went to all three days of the Women of the World festival last year and really enjoyed every minute of it. Next year’s festival in March is now being advertised and there are more events being added all the time. With a day or 3 day pass you can basically pick and choose how much or how little you see. Some of it is lectures, panels, performances and mentoring events (I did this last year and it was really helpful). Other stuff is ongoing such as art, music and installations. It is very family friendly and the whole Southbank had an amazing atmosphere in the spring sunshine last year. The festival covers such a huge array of topics and conversations that there is definitely going to be a least a couple you would enjoy and it’s well worth keeping an eye on the site see what you might fancy!

The book I showed you that I was very excited about arriving was Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls – started by a crowdfunding project and now so successful that they are using their fundraising for campaigning for girl’s education rights.

There are plenty more recommendations for books for kids and adults on The Minefield Books Instagram and why not check out our lovely The Minefield Instagram whilst you’re there anyway!

Another author I really like is Jessica Valenti, she has written a few books on feminist issues such as, amongst others, Sex Object and The Purity Myth about the historical and cultural significance of virginity and chastity.  She also does a great podcast for The Guardian called What Would A Feminist Do? And started the website I also really like Lena Dunham’s podcast Women of the Hour (inspired by being on actual Women’s Hour!) as well as her website

Here is a link to an interesting article about feminist/ethical porn. This is a subject that I think we could come back to. The conversations we touched upon (no pun intended!) covering female pleasure, sexual consent, the social and sexual consequences of free access to hardcore porn – are all issues affecting the roles and perceptions of women and girls in our time.

With that in mind I urge you to check out this site called as I would love to hear some opinions next time we meet up! I have read a lot about it and it gets some celebrity endorsement also. It’s apparently amazing !!

The compelling documentary about the cover up of the campus rape epidemic in the US is called ‘The Hunting Ground‘ I think it’s on Netflix or maybe Amazon TV. ‘Misrepresentation‘ is also a great documentary about the portrayal of women in film/TV and media. Netflix also has ‘Girl Rising’ and a whole host of other interesting documentaries about issues affecting women and children all over the world.

We also at The Minefield have an article about the building blocks of consent and some helpful tips on trying to teach it’s basic concepts to kids.

On a lighter note the dolls we were talking about at the end of the evening are Lottie dolls! She has the proportions of a 9 year-old girl and comes with suffragette medals! There’s other recommendations for toys and books on The Minefield site and also on our Christmas Picks.

So hopefully some of this refreshes your memory or is exactly the thing you’ve been meaning to google – if you have any questions or I’ve forgotten anything let me know!



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