Concepts of Consent – Teaching Permission

It’s possible and arguably vital to teach our kids the basic concept of consent and permission in their early years development. Of course, this isn’t something that is related to sexual consent at this age but teaching them to respect boundaries and understand the importance of a “Yes” and a “No” will only help lay the foundation for a healthy grasp on the idea for the future, in adolescence and beyond. Everyone has the right to set a boundary, be it about their bodies, their possessions or their actions and  it’s a valuable lesson to teach and show our kids that these needed to be acknowledged and respected by both themselves and others.

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Naming Your Bits! – The Case Against Mimis and Pee Pees.

Look at any parenting forum from Mumsnet to Babycentre or perhaps chatting over a coffee after drop-off and no doubt there will have been a debate or discussion somewhere about what you teach your kids to call their private parts. It’s a surprisingly divisive subject actually. At The Minefield we have been really surprised by the level of passion and debate this subject has sparked. Read More

Body Image – Where do we begin?


Media and body image are words these days that seem synonymous with each other – so much so that its almost an accepted norm that the media has a negative impact on body image, especially upon the young and therefore easily impressionable. But how does it really  impact them and are you really ok with it?
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Toys & Types – What do their toys teach them?

We recently took a trip to a giant toy retailer hoping to get ideas and possibly make some purchases for a 5-year old girl’s upcoming birthday. The goal was to leisurely peruse and find some great gifts but instead we were sent into a state of sensory overload and mild nausea within about ten minutes of arriving. It was this experience that sparked the desire to discuss toys and the gender bias emerging among the very things we hope help to broaden and stimulate our children’s imaginations.
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