Naming Your Bits! – The Case Against Mimis and Pee Pees.

Look at any parenting forum from Mumsnet to Babycentre or perhaps chatting over a coffee after drop-off and no doubt there will have been a debate or discussion somewhere about what you teach your kids to call their private parts. It’s a surprisingly divisive subject actually. At The Minefield we have been really surprised by the level of passion and debate this subject has sparked. Read More

Mags or Rags?


Women’s magazines have been around since before the turn of the century in one form or another but the Celebrity Gossip Magazine is a relatively modern and troubling phenomenon. Magazines such as Heat, Closer, US Weekly or People are filled with paparazzi images of celebrities in both their everyday and working lives. Critiqued at every turn for being either too perfect or not perfect enough. Too fat and too thin. Too single or too slutty and so it goes on. Read More

Body Image – Where do we begin?


Media and body image are words these days that seem synonymous with each other – so much so that its almost an accepted norm that the media has a negative impact on body image, especially upon the young and therefore easily impressionable. But how does it really  impact them and are you really ok with it?
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Inescapable Advertising

Adverts, we pretty much all dislike them right? As adults we are savvy to the motives of branding on our subconscious to convince us where and how to spend our money. Because that’s what they are trying to get us to do, spend our money. Women in particular are more informed than ever as to the detrimental effects advertising and Photoshop are having on our body and self image.
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Anti-Social Media

We all know that most kids and young adults these days are using social media of one kind or another (or all of them at once!) and as parents and potentially much less tech savvy adults this can be a pretty overwhelming fact. The pace of ever changing media platforms seems to be quickening all the time and if you’re anything like us here at The Minefield you may be either struggling to keep up or panicking about what lies ahead when your children are old enough to start exploring these avenues for themselves.
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Toys & Types – What do their toys teach them?

We recently took a trip to a giant toy retailer hoping to get ideas and possibly make some purchases for a 5-year old girl’s upcoming birthday. The goal was to leisurely peruse and find some great gifts but instead we were sent into a state of sensory overload and mild nausea within about ten minutes of arriving. It was this experience that sparked the desire to discuss toys and the gender bias emerging among the very things we hope help to broaden and stimulate our children’s imaginations.
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