Get ‘Em When They’re Young

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As usual Common Sense Media has some great discussion points and starters on lots of media based issues including this piece on marketing to kids.

PBS Kids – Don’t But It – PBS has a whole website designed for kids and teens to help them learn and be informed about the advertising and marketing they are exposed to. It’s a very accessible and informative website that includes games, quizzes and creative opportunities as tools to empower kids to make informed choices about their viewing.

PBS Kids – Loops Scoops – Another great children’s website from the folks at PBS that is dedicated to helping kids understand consumerism and they’re part in it. Although currently a lot of it’s content (and the PBS Kids site in general) is restricted to US viewing only.

Media Smarts also contains a lot of helpful tips for parents and educators a like on talking to your kids about advertising and starting conversations about consumer awareness, including this tip sheet on marketing to kids.








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